by ovlov

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Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Michael John Thomas III
Mastered by Keith Freund

Steve Hartlett - guitars, vocals, drums on 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9
Jon Hartlett - bass
Theo Hartlett - drums on 2, 3, 6, 8, and 10
Andy Chervenak plays bass on track 7
Devin McKnight plays guitar on tracks 5 and 9
Sadie Dupuis sings on tracks 1, 2, 4, and 8
Michael John Thomas III plays guitar on track 7

Exploding In Sound Records (EIS008)


released 02 July 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Grapes
soon you crawl inside your waiting
don't waste your time to feel; never hating
should it be mine to feel like you hate it?
you fit your size to be any way
to your hall in silent waiting
you make your wine for free cause you're clever
i sip your wine and feel where they waited
don't fix; you're fine to me and you're well
now come with me
i will not ask to be
and wait to say goodbye
Track Name: The Well
how'd the well make you? and take you down?
grab a seed and taste its sound
round the well make you; you take it down
how the well's painted roung
now you hold to own into my
reel it back to mold it right
when you told me only to my
wheel inside you've spun me right
found you all i could; i couldn't care
now you're all 'tame' and 'brown'
feed you all i can; you love the cans
i can see pain in there
how'd you know you roam my wheel to
ride beside my own two tries
then you sew my arm back when it's
wrong to let it grow too far
Track Name: Nü Pünk
you should have your way; arms long to sway
lose and waste away; wide enough to say
you sit back and wait and metal with the bait
soon you'll hit the hay. it's late enough to stay!
all this time, what did you want me to be?
i kept you waiting for this to sound right
all my life, i never wanted to be
i kept to waiting for this to sound right
listen to your head; right or wrong instead
figure out the rest and metal with the test
now this time, how you've seen all i can be
my history's fading and i missed you say why
now my life is missing all i can be
i stopped to waiting but missed you feel right
Track Name: Where's My Dini?
go, take all of your clothes from here
all over the same boat
no, take all in a row from here
you close it to save warmth
and then i fall asleep and i dreamt of my friend
coming back to the sack of his elementary days
you paced; left with your friends aboard
you opened the same doors
shave; try and mess with the 'high-up' guys
cause you know it's a fable
then you cry, cry, cry, cry
don't be shy, you can cry
you're away for the day
but you'll soon stay away
memories all; shards in the helm through smog
tell me fog isn't your hardest song
Track Name: Milk
falling back into his hand
all the walls i had around my face fell in place
it's no reason to come back
had to walk and wait around for you feeling blue
harder to forget the past
call a meal to have before the fast and make it last
see it in your drunken smile
i can feel it hanging by a thread with me you said
make it right
with no ice
sift for shine
milk or wine for mine?
you could hollow out your head
save the part that keeps your beating heart, little art
drag it down to show the town
make them feel as if they had a way through the day
see the world become a mess
dark around the edges of the bed; it fills your head
sleep and dream of evil ways
waste away; you're heading for the hills and your theory kills
before i
miss you try
fit for my
history shrine
for i
sift; shine
Track Name: Really Bees
ride the better wave
no one knows your name
and i never wonder why
know you own the wave
in time for you to shave
do you ever wonder why?
please save the year
be the one to clear
all the ones who wonder why
she could have it here
you could feel the fear
and i never wonder why
Track Name: Moth Rock
you were alone just like a moth
flown away, feel the whisper in my head
feel the tone right through the rock
all the way; free your simple minded head
for you alone, tonight
wait for a while to
over see those for miles through
wait for you to show tonight
wait for a while for
older seat scraped the tile floor
to your home, you carry rocks
peel the mold and fear the mist brings on our heads
hear you say another name
all the pain building up inside my head
and you were wrong to right
wait for a while more
and you'll see space through my old door
hey, you do it for the night!
wait for a while more
and you'll see haste a mile tour
hold on; try in your head again
feel more fine and you're there again
see for time with your pair again
feel for you
wait for a while more; open seat facing aisle 4
make for the mile tour; hold your seat while you climb the door
take for the tide shore; open water beneath the floor
wait for mine to change for you
Track Name: There's My Dini!
remember the time it almost died
or did you forget the time it almost fell out of line?
at last! a savior foreign to this land
coming with such a force and a plan!
don't forget your training;
don't forget your uniform!
you got the part
you just need to learn how to play it right
you sit me by and wish me all the worst
run and see me high
why you sing and cry?
selling me to hollywood
run a little while more
i'm really worried all these words i write
will catch up and make me think twice
a lot of it's just jealousy in things
i never had and never had so i cover it up with tricks
i can't tell which personality to pursue
cause they all they all pertain to me at the same time
don't you know that feeling of your insides
trying to escape into a shell that's comfortable?
hide and sit inside
i can see that's all they would
and all they ever said
Track Name: Blue Baby
you watched it
saw the truth of austin
luke; old friend
know we could have offed them
you watch them
forgot your way to be
you soften
and on your way you see
blue baby
grab the phone to save me
fear that maybe
soon we'll grow up shady
my lady
you save up half the time
delay me
don't say we have the time
Track Name: The Great Alligator
here; we're on our way
be there today
and there we'll stay
fear you understand
i made the sand
burry your hand
take time
almost that you are
made fine
selma where you are
wait a while for you
gator gall for two
and i feel the red eye
please don't sing this wrong
this is your song
don't think too long
we're already fine
so take your time
it's clear your mine
take a mile in two
gator crawls to you
and i feel the red eye
you need the oak wine
a meal for old time