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by Ovlov

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near, far, wherever you are steer car; drive it through the bar year star; burnt out blue scar carved it into tar large-grained sand lean on quick sand got my old ride's kickstand slow mind's often kind mock my old time wheel's name start fires; burn my old tires clean shave; seats we cannot save ears are blind; i don't hear behind speak 'til you find large wastelands
half way fine; call it feline saw your thunder lightening spear my could blame minds on our weak ends small and under all my meek friends but i'll try to fix my and then you push me down through all the little fine blue cheesy wine and then you stalk your ceiling trying to be what you want to and then you talk in your sleep and you ask, "why would he ever want to?" now you walk through hell on your own; try and steal what you want to hide the meal that haunts you through wash my head on my own time not even to seem like your slime often, I swallow heat waves bottle up, control my sleek shaves and i'll try to fix my
wishing you had time to get out and see my chance to learn how you crumble at the sight of your favorite person's shadow stumble on our grains of sand all your secret wishes start to stay tru be your best to all you can everyone you know won't be forever
Spright 02:40
eat well, feel well try on neon feel another way and i run for better days treat my old kind decent when they fall into a bitter way will you listen when they say? in a hardened pain you lie, and cry, and i will try to find a different way home see my old ride go far and take time to prove you went away and you lose your head to say: "maybe we can force my weight inside to peel a second time, like a moldy lemon-lime."
Stick 03:22
i struggle by your side insisting you to try another way to see blinking eyes swell to the ground i follow all the ways your argument displays shallow in the way you weaken my selfish shame feed my fish food read when it's rude and sing while the main style is hot with the teen kyle and ride on the waves of the youth i wanted you to say something about the way the hollow sound you make but your sinking eyes fell to the ground you call me on a phone if you're ever left alone and laugh at the thoughts i sing to try and sell my shame
Tru Punk 03:34
drive a special way roll around in two wallow in your weight like you always do line 'em up, lay 'em down straight into listen up; write it down jog it through your head 'til it's watered down this is all you said in a vacant sound: "write 'em off, turn it on, straighten through" this is how life will go blatant cruel mornings taunt me wash away the smell that you left behind death won't leave my town and it's settled down rack 'em up, write it down, pay your dues grow apart, lay in two fish in soggy ponds wait around for you wishing for a hook to bite onto and evolve all to solve failed you take it down, change it's sound straight into straighten through lay in two
Fast G 02:42
my sweet side sleeps on a wall well i wish i could hear when you call try to teach time's speed when you fall down well our speech was in introverted sounds step aside while the trees paint leaves around deep down, you feel it now big fish swims around through the day well i wish i could hear what they say we ride by waves that you ought to try be strong, settle down, be my ocean guide cheap sands never felt my emotions pry deep down, you feel it now
Short Morgan 02:00
i fire one off and wait alone my mind often races on 'til you say that you want me to decide my own fate but if it's left up to me i don't see why not try to find a friend to wait along with me to ride? cause alone it feels so pointless don't confess don't stress out on me you talk a lot for free with no shame and waste it all on me who won't care but if this is how you feel then go say it all to someone real who wants to play along with you while you whine alone you're feeling fine and your bones, they hold on to the weight older fate i could wait but you don't ask
melt you; please your fool around for now feel your head begin to round around me and you with notes you found that you try on; maybe one will fit and match too grab it from the garden all tastes good too tubes around the trees to hide vegetables like me and you, you see? green stalks; chalk to fill you in you're too thin see-saw; up and down your days you spend i'm more than you bargained for a cheap sore no one spends it on the world you've shown overdo your acting why shed those tears? feel the garden's over stocked open up your store and sell some more


Tracks 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Engineered by Michael John Thomas III at Black Lodge in Brooklyn, NY
Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5 Engineered by Jesse Weiss, co- engineered by Alec and Jack Pombriant
Morgan and Theo recorded vocals for 1, 2, 4 and 5 in Mr. & Mrs. Hartlett's bedroom

Mixed & Mastered by Michael John Thomas III

Steve Hartlett sang, played guitar, bass & synth on the best of you
Theo Hartlett played drums, sang on stick, guitar soloed on grab it from the garden
Morgan Luzzi played guitar
Michael Hammond Jr. played bass, guitar on best of you
Erin McGrath sang on baby alligator
Michael John Thomas III played a guitar solo on grab it from the garden


released July 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Ovlov Newtown, Connecticut


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